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Photo by Jesse See


Photo by Austin Reece

        What was started as a dream has become reality for SoCal Motorsports West. We have a vast knowledge in the motorsport industry combined with photographic and journalist skills, which has brought us to this point. The motorsports world is ever changing, just like our social world; so why not be involved with it. We decided to take our knowledge and share it with the world. A background on SCMW, is our closely knitted group of people that share a connection in the motorsport world, from being president of local car clubs, owning car businesses, to photographing car events, we know the motorsport world very well. That doesn’t explain why SCMW? Well, the truth is easy, we were tired of just the average car magazine with more advertisements than information or glorious pictures. So we thought why not just build our own in-house brand of the motorsport world. To say it would be an easy journey would be saying it lightly, only time will tell how successful this magazine will be but know that without you; the reader we would not be here today. Our primary concern is to get the proper stories and only the best material out there for you. 

About our Editor

       Jessica Rocha, has been writing and editing for a couple of years now. From short stories to reporting events. She has always been involved with motorsports, at a young age her father was heavily into Nissan's. This is where the spark originated. In late 2019 she had the idea to start the motorsport magazine with the first issue. The website and photographers were already planned out and then unfortunately Covid-19 struck and this opportunity started to fade away. Until the opportunity presented itself again. Jessica would then move forward to form a team that would end up creating SoCal Motorsports West. The team has extensive knowledge and wants to show how car culture can create a special connection amongst enthusiasts around the world. 

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